Generator Fuel Consumption

If you are in the market for a home generator, you may be researching everything from finding the best home generator to understanding generator fuel consumption. To help with your research, this article will look at consumption of different types of fuels. There are several types of fuel used by generators which include gasoline, diesel, propane, and natural gas. Keep in mind that fuel consumption will also vary a bit based on other variables such as brands, load, and climate. A generator load calculator may help with gathering more accurate data. At any rate, the information which follows is an “average-based” assessment.


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Gasoline Generator Fuel Consumption:

GeneraciX2000Gasoline is a common source of fuel and easies to obtain, however, it is highly flammable and unsafe to store in large amounts. Gasoline prices are somewhat expensive and tend to be the least efficient way to run a generator; at least for long periods of time. Most portable generators will run on gasoline out of necessity and convenience. A standard 5,000 watt generator will consume around 18 gallons of gasoline during a 1 day/24 hour period. This makes it very unrealistic and expensive for long term use.

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption:

There are not many generators that use diesel fuel, but the ones that do are a bit more efficient than gasoline. Diesel is less flammable than other fuel sources, and less expensive to operate. To give you an idea of consumption for the diesel generator, a 20 kilowatt unit will use about 1.6 gallons per hour running a full load. A 30 kilowatt unit will use about 2.9 gallons per hour also running a full load.

Propane Generator Fuel Consumption:

Generac 6000 ReviewPropane generator fuel usage is among the most efficient. Propane has a long shelf life, is clean burning, and easily stored in small or large tanks. Better yet, home delivery is available which makes it even easier and convenient. Propane is much less expensive per gallon, but is burned more quickly. For example, a 20 kilowatt unit would burn about 3.44 gallons per hour, and a 35 kilowatt unit would burn 6.1 gallons per hour.

Natural Gas Generator Fuel Consumption:

Generac Home GeneratorMany homes are already equipped with a tank for a supply of natural gas. Therefore, this makes natural gas a highly convenient way to fuel your generator. Like propane, natural gas is easy to store and can be delivered right to your door. Practically speaking, when considering Nat Gas generators for your home, it would be tied into an already existing application. At full load, a 20 kilowatt unit would use about 289ft³/hour. A 30 kilowatt unit would use about 416ft³/hour at full load.

Depending on your intended use of a generator; you will need to factor in all of the information given to make your decision. The type of fuel you decide to use will narrow the choices you have when it comes to purchasing a generator.

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