Paralleling Generators, Running Generators in Parallel

Sometimes the power can go out at the worst times. Other times, you may need to have more power in your RV than you actually have on a single generator. In either case, you still have the option to get more power. It can be done with paralleling generators. However, you must first learn what there is to know about running generators in parallel.

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What Is Paralleling Generators

When you have a generator this is running parallel with another, you are connecting them together to give yourself double the power of one single generator. They will work together in a way that increases the watt amount that goes into your home or RV. This increases your power supply from being able to run only the necessities, to you having the option to power everything you could possibly want to run, at the same time.

Honda Parallel GeneratorThe key is, you must ensure that when you purchase a generator that it can be run alongside another one. One great option for this is the Honda 658130. It provides 2,000 watts of power in a portable generator and it easily connects to another generator, as long as you use the same model.

Why Run Parallel Generators?

In most cases, your basic generator will be enough to help you power your necessities for a short time. However, due to the fact we live in a world that is constantly dependent upon electricity, you may sometimes run short on a generator’s potential power supply. This is where having generators that are able to connect to one another and give you more power will be beneficial.

By choosing your option to power your house using generator paralleling you can save money on purchasing a large generator. You can purchase a small generator and see how much of your home it will power. Then, if you still need more, you can save up and purchase another Honda 3000 generator for sale.

Does It Cause Damage to Generators?

Running parallel generators is not a problem as long as you have two generators that are designed to be run in this way. It will take a little effort to figure out how to parallel two generators, especially if you have two generators that are not from the same manufacturer. The reason for this is that each generator has its own computer inside. They are not designed to work well together among different manufacturers. You will have to set everything to work together using another brain box and then you will have to synchronize them to work together. This synchronization is easier if the manufacturers are the same. Another key element to setting up generators to work together is the cables that you use. Without the right cables in place, you could still end up with a bad setup.

Honda EU3000is

Honda Generators Run In ParallelThis is one generator that is designed to be run parallel to another. It is 3000 watts of power, super quiet, and gas powered. This generator is very portable and it can run up to 24 hours on a single tank of fuel, depending on how much you are pulling when it is a single generator. More On Honda 3000⇒

Honda Parallel Cables

Parallel Generator CablesWhen you have a Honda generator, it is easy to connect them together with the right cables. This cable set is able to link two identical wattage generators together with very little effort on your behalf. It does come with instructions to help you set up everything. More On Honda Parallel Cables⇒




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