Portable Rechargeable Power Supply – Perfect for Camping

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all live in a power based world. We all have cell phones and laptops, digital cameras, and other devices that even when we are off the grid. That is why there are so many people who try to find the perfect generator. They put a lot of effort into searching and researching generators that are portable and quiet to use. Did you know that there is a better options? You can now have a portable rechargeable power supply which is perfect for camping because they are silent.

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Camping Portable Power Supply

Why Choose a Portable Rechargeable Power Supply?

You wouldn’t want to disturb others in the campground or have a noisy generator right outside of your tent. The new portable AC power pack option ensures that you have the quietest type of generator available. As an added bonus, they are also powerful enough to work as a backup power supply for your home.

How Do They Compare to Generators?

A battery powered electrical outlet is not able to produce enough power to run your entire house. Although they may not be able to run your central heat and air unit, they are able to power smaller electronics. Your television and mini fridge as well as your sensitive cell phones and laptops. They run quietly and many have more than one outlet. They can be recharged by using a wall outlet or your vehicle’s 12V. These power supplies work the same way that our cell phone power banks, just on a larger scale. They have power stored, waiting on you to make use of it, and then work in silence while charging your devices. To learn more about these power supply options, take a look at the most popular choices below.

Suaoki 220Wh Portable Generator Power Supply

Suaoki Power Supply This lithium Ion battery can be charged by an AC outlet or solar panels. It is versatile and portable. It comes with a variety of outputs so that you can power different devices. This one rechargeable battery holds enough power to charge an iPhone 10+ times, but it can also power laptops, televisions, and even mini-refrigerators. It has a battery indicator, a carrying handle, and an aluminum alloy shell. Check Suaoki Pricing here⇒


Anker PowerHouse

Anker Rechargeable Power SupplyThis generator is very portable and can connect through 12V car ports, AC, and USB outputs. It is great for off the grid power supply needs when camping or enjoying other things. It can power laptops, televisions, lamps, and small refrigerators with ease. Current Anker PowerHouse Pricing here⇒


Duracell 1,800 Watt Rechargeable Power Source

Duracell Portable Power BankThis power source has a total of five outlets so that it can power multiple devices at one time. It is a sealed, 51Ah AGM battery and recharges easily using any AC wall outlet. It also has a digital LED display to tell you what kind of power it has left. Current Duracell Pricing here⇒


Black & Decker Professional Power Station

Black And Decker SupplyThis power station has 2 AC, 1 DC, and 1 USB port. There is an on-board cable and clamp storage area. It has a keyless on and off switch. You can trust in an alarm that warns against improper battery connections. Current Black & Decker Pricing here⇒


Campbell Hausfeld Cordless Rechargeable Inflator

Backup Power supplyThis one device can operate or charge many 12v devices ensuring that you always have the electronics you depend on. It can also inflate tires and air mattresses as well as other inflatables easily. You can charge it using your car or a wall outlet and it comes with many accessories to make all jobs easier. Current Campbell Hausfeld Pricing here⇒